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The survey consisted of 3 parts (health survey, health examination and nutrition survey) and was conducted by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare.

ORs for knee and hip joint OA prevalence by smoking behaviour in male indirect-smokers were lower than those in non-smokers in age and sex (OR 0.271; 95% CI 0.088 to 0.828), and selective adjustments (OR 0.314; 95% CI 0.102 to 0.966).

Patients with OA were defined as: (1) participants with knee joint pain (‘Have you experienced knee pain for 30 days or longer over the past 3 months?

’), and a knee joint Kellgren-Lawrence (KL) grade of 2 or higher; or (2) participants with hip joint pain (‘Have you experienced hip joint pain for 30 days or longer over the past 3 months? Patients meeting the knee OA self-report and knee joint KL grade were included for knee OA analysis.

Ces derniers placent donc les deux sépultures les plus élaborées du Paléolithique au sein de l’intervalle de variation des dates obtenues pour les niveaux archéologiques de ce site du Gravettien d’Europe de l’Est.

Si elles confirment celles précédemment obtenues sur les sépultures de Sunghir 2 et 3, elles sont les premières nous assurant que la sépulture de Sunghir 1, rapportée au même ensemble culturel, se situe au sein de la même période chronologique.

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This study used data from the 5th KNHANES survey (2010–2012).

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