Bible study on christian dating

But there's one thing that I can say about the Bible.

While everybody else is steadily looking for answers, the Bible continues to provide them for all those, who are willing to search, hear and understand, when it comes to the sacred words that have been written from within its wonderful covers.

The Bible is an extraordinary Book to say the least.

There aren't enough words that could sum up, all that the Bible has to offer.

Also keep in mind that the Bible has sixty-six different books from within its covers.

You should also know that these books took over 1,500 years to write.

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And finally, you had teachers and prophets that were able to add, to what God had given to them as well.Some wrote on history, while others wrote about stories and events.Now you had some that wrote beautiful poetry, and others that told powerful prophecies along with their fulfillment's.Now the authors of these books, didn't come from some exclusive elite club, or society.But they did come from various places, from within the world.

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God made it very clear that man was the only creature that had his image and likeness.

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