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GT 100 (as last amended 2013), CENTRAAL WETTENREGISTER (Jan.

The enforcement of the Law was delayed by the need to pass implementing regulations and amend existing legislation. Under the Estonian Family Act, same-sex couples cannot get married because the Act defines a “family” as a union between a man and a woman. 18, 2009, in force on July 1, 2010), § 1(1), RIIGI TEATAJA 2009, No. The conclusion of a partnership agreement entitles couples entering into civil partnerships to joint possession of property, succession rights, shared financial obligations, access to each other’s private information, and resolution of issues related to the end of life.

(.) In the past, same-sex couples would have to marry in the Netherlands and then have their marriage certificate recognized in Aruba under a law that requires recognition of official documents throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Now, same-sex partners will no longer have to go through this process; while they cannot marry in Aruba, their rights as partners in a civil union will be recognized.

The Notary Chamber of Estonia has recommended that those who want to register their relationships wait to do so, or conclude an agreement and then return to their local registration offices later, after the package of implementing legislation has been adopted, to make sure that their registration information has been retroactively entered into the registries.

(Taele Tammeorg, It appears that implementation of this Law may have significant societal impact.

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(Press Release, Parliament of Estonia, The Second Reading of the Implementation Provisions of the Registered Partnership Act Will Be Held on 26 January, Parliament of Estonia website (Dec.

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