D link dynamic dns not updating

Now that you're familiar with how to install the DHCP Server service, let's take a look at how to configure it.

The first step in configuring your DHCP server is to create a scope.

To do so, right-click the scope and select the Activate option.

The red arrow disappears, indicating that clients can now receive IP addresses from the scope.

For example, if you have multiple subnets, each with DHCP clients, you have to create multiple scopes.

In addition to IP addresses, a scope can also assign optional parameters to DHCP clients, including the IP address of DNS servers, WINS servers, and routers, and so on.

Before a DHCP server can provide clients with IP addresses, the server must be configured with a scope.

A scope is a range of IP addresses that can be leased to DHCP clients on a given subnet.

However, before a DHCP server can lease IP addresses to clients, the server must be authorized to do so in Active Directory.If any information has changed since the client first obtained its lease, the client updates its configuration accordingly.If the server from which the client originally leased the IP address does not respond, the client again attempts to renew the IP address when 87.5% of the lease duration has elapsed.Before creating scopes, consider the following guidelines: Note Chances are you will run into scenarios that include multiple DHCP servers.You can provide redundancy on the network for DHCP servers without the possibility of duplicate IP addresses.

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