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James Naismith With many sports, it's hard to trace an exact origin; ball games are fairly universal to cultures around the globe, and finding a specific inventor can be difficult to impossible.Basketball, on the other hand, does not have that same problem.In 1938, they eliminated a jump ball at center court after each basket (speeding up the game and creating higher scores).The Original Celtics, and in particular one of their players, Nat Holman, brought passing to a new level in the 1920's , while ball-handling became an art under Marques Haynes of the Globetrotters.Naismith set out to create a game with less violence, one that was less a contest of strength and more a contest of skill.

1915 first saw dribblers being allowed to shoot the basketball.Harvard, Yale, Cornell and Princeton While the sport grew internationally and the professional game was stalled by a distinct lack of organization, the college game showed no signs of slowing down.Early in the game's history, colleges began to play games against each other, with some of the earliest college leagues formed by Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale, Cornell and Princeton.College Basketball Early 1900's The spread was made possible primarily through two avenues; first, as mentioned, the YMCA gave the game an outlet that was not only nationwide, but worldwide, in addition to spreading it among young people, helping it grow through time.The second avenue was college; college basketball was far more widespread and popular than any early professional leagues.

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Naismith himself taught the game in Springfield, in Denver at the YMCA there, and then at the University of Kansas, where he taught the game (as a teacher of physical education) from 1898 until shortly before his death in 1939.

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