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You don’t want to actually make your suggestion on the 1st day of course.

Therefore, you don’t have to known the girl for a lifetime (or at all) in order to get her to your pad.For instance, the chat log below is from a girl whom I’d picked up days ago [1 of about 2 dozen women].Everything was fresh in that we recently met days ago.When she texts you first out of the blue with the customary: “Sup” “Hi” “Hey” That is all the indication you need to know whether a girl likes you or not and is invested: a simple 1-worder greeting via text. Now, it isn’t that you must have the girl text first in order to make your pitch.However, getting her to initiate the texting is akin to having a 50 yard head-start advantage in a 100 yard race: it cannot hurt your chances to win but only improve them.

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