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Around 1 in 5 furries are female, and some of those are gay or asexual.

»Reposting is available, great for a commission-heavy community, so the same image and comment section can appear in an artist’s and commissioner’s separate art feeds…including some analytical features to merge “accidental” duplications together.We furries have the same problem as gamers, cosplayers, and sports fans: if you’re female and wish to attend an event, you have to prepare yourself for the possibility of receiving unwelcome attention.Some women are naturally more able to ignore or combat this attention; other women simply stop going.The Morham App’s social features have community-building functionality as well as the more standard IM tools: »Direct messaging »Group and Forum tools »Event posting »Integration with Facebook for microblog functionality Long-term goals for social networking are location-based, such as a “nearby furries” locator and conversations that are geographically centered, like creating a conversation forum and events list restricted to the city blocks around Anthrocon (“Geofencing,” it’s called).Archival: No furry platform could compete if its user can’t share pictures of his/her avatar dressed as in a compromising position with two dingos and the 10th Doctor.

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