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remakes could very well be that again — given the time to develop the right narrative with the right filmmakers.It's not the fault of the studio or filmmakers that their movie has been co-opted, so it may not be their responsibility to reckon with it.It features a strange mix of self-loathing humor and active political debate.There are a lot of links shared and memes explaining the "true" nature of reality. Posts on latest revisions to child custody laws are interspersed among lengthy rant-threads with heads like “The consequences of marrying a slut” and “Women will instinctively try to drain your energy.

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EVERY normal woman does this.” MRAs are considered a faction associated with the alt-right — which was birthed out of forums like Reddit and 4Chan and, more recently, has come into the public consciousness by way of far-right publications like Breitbart.

One August 2016 Breitbart story had the on-the-nose headline: "The Men’s Rights Movement: A Smart, Necessary Counterweight to Man-Hating Feminism." And, of course, former Breitbart executive chair Steve Bannon is currently sitting in the White House as one of President Donald Trump's key advisors.

But back in 1999, cinematically subverted anxieties of the time, from government oversight to the unease surrounding computerized systems, and the reboot has the chance to do the same for contemporary audiences who might be worried by bigoted language and ideals that are perpetuated on subreddits like The Red Pill.

Jordan Peele’s surprise horror hit has shown that nuanced social critique can be incorporated into high-concept genre fare and come out on the other end wildly successful both critically (99 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and commercially (5 million at the box office and counting).

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