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Eye contact: Eye contact is similar to touch – too much will turn her off but the right amount will turn her on.I usually will look at a woman until she looks straight back at me or we both are making solid eye contact.Conversation: Certain topics will obviously activate different parts of the brain.Example 1 – A debate: If you are bringing up something like why a woman should date you or giving her logical reasons why you are qualified, then you are most likely going to trigger the rational brain.Following that I’ll break eye contact for a moment by looking off to the side then my eyes will come right back to hers.

So never stop learning and never stop pushing your comfort zone – the sky is the limit.Bragging will look try-hard and trigger the rational brain.Instead just share stories and pleasant experiences that you had.Talk about the nice places you’ve been or the weather; elicit emotions.Draw a picture with your words or describe how you felt and what you enjoyed – doing so will activate the mammalian brain.

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