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This is particularly true when dealing with foreign men from different western countries online,' says Morris. Finding the right one is the key point here.' Thai women should be aware that there are literally millions of men from foreign countries with different cultures and backgrounds who think of finding a Thai wife, life partner or girlfriend. Morris has identified 8 different types of foreign men interested in dating Thai women.

These foreign men visit Thailand either searching for love, a long term relationship or for more casual relationships.

Of course a smaller number go online and take steps to meet a woman in Thailand but it appears the trend will continue.

Online dating has now become a leisure activity in itself for Thai women and foreign men,' says names Morris.

In Western countries this figure is a staggering 4.35% of single men.

'My own figures suggest that at any one time there are 10,000,000 western men out there who are looking at this.

It has become the subject of close examination and scrutiny.

This is not just in foreign countries, but now also in Thailand.

Online surveys show there are growing numbers of men in western countries who express an interest in meeting a Thai woman or have said it is something they have considered in the previous 12 months.

Thailand is a unique country in the world and so is its culture.

Up to very recently, it has been pretty closed off from the international world.

Many ex patriate men tend to be interested in meeting Thai women and dating Thai women online.

As Thailand grasps the internet age and society in Thailand itself faces massive changes, there have emerged conflicting reports about finding love with foreigners or online dating with western men.

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