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When you split with a partner, you'll shed some friends, too.When you have kids, your single friends might not feel so welcome in your enlarged family unit.We have our feuds and periods of 'non-speakers' from time to time (I admit I am not the easiest person in the world to get on with), but I know that if I feel a bit lonely, or need cheering up, I can call one of them up, have a chat, meet for a meal or a drink, and afterwards I'll feel better.And - best of all - it's not something that anyone else need know about.In an age where more people are single than ever, and the number of middle-aged divorcees has greatly increased, these friends provide vital support.We share our leisure time, walking, going to silly films, belonging to book clubs, dragging each other along to Weight Watchers.But as you go through life's upheavals, both social and financial, you will have a core of true friends - even if you can count them on the fingers of one hand.I really believe that real friends are more important to my generation than our blood relatives.

Please share the ones that you can’t live without in the comments! in Computer Information Systems from Grove City College, where he graduated Cum Laude and with Honors in his major.

Friendships wither after you leave school or university.

You change jobs and realise that workmates were just that - mates that went with a particular office or factory.

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