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The questions weren't related to region, so there's no reason to believe that the responses would be any different on another campus.The vast majority of psychology studies are done on one campus.So when analyses on nationally representative samples of 9 million young people since 1966 suggested the opposite was true—civic engagement is actually lower among the 1982-1999 born group they call Millennials—Winograd and Hais fired back.However, very little of what they said was true—I’ll get back to that in a moment.These young people are clearly the exception—perhaps part of the 4% Christian Smith found in his survey who were truly civically engaged.

What's funny is that this is an attitude instead of a behavior—expecting to volunteer is not the same as actually volunteering.It’s even more ridiculous to title a post “Do You Think All Millennials Go To San Diego State?” when only the validation sample—done to help interpret the items and not the source of the generational data—went to SDSU.More important: Validating the items against more established psychological scales using a sample of young people is infinitely better than not validating the items at all.They seem to be suggesting it would be better to not take this step and thus not have any mechanism for understanding what the items on the surveys mean.

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