Ovation dating guitars vintage

Ovation had actually begun making electric guitars—as distinct from its acoustic-electric guitars—way back in 1968 with its Electric Storm series of thinline semi-hollowbodies, the Thunderhead and the Tornado.

They tried valiantly to plant the flag for close to 15 years, to no avail.

One down the middle of the back and two more under the fingerboard.

This week, Wallace re-hired two men who worked at the factory.

I mean, what’s not to like about a battle-axe-shaped guitar like the Breadwinner and Deacon?!

Or those nifty Ultra Kaman UK IIs with an aluminum frame and urethane foam body (finished up in really ugly sunbursts)!

Still, you just don’t pass up an opportunity to adjust volume pots for each string AND get to play around with a graphic EQ.

The Magnum I (1261) and Magnum II (1262) were introduced in 1977 and lasted until around 1982.

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