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The Professor created Cubert with the intention that he would continue his work after discovering that his life was wasted with nothing but failed or worthless inventions.

Hubert is delighted until he discovers that Cubert's intentions are not as he planned.

Lieutenant Kif Kroker (voiced by Maurice La Marche) is the long-suffering assistant to Captain Zapp Brannigan, and Fourth Lieutenant on the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP) starship Nimbus.

Kif is a short and thin green skinned alien crew member.

Cubert has an epiphany after getting hit on the head, realizing how the starship engines Hubert invented work, allowing them to be repaired while Hubert is incapacitated.

After this, he decides he wants to follow in his "father's" footsteps after all.

Cubert wants to do something 'better' with his life and does not accept the responsibility Hubert gives to him.

He believes that most things happen to be "Impossible" contrary to the Professor's belief that nothing is impossible.

In reality, he is a highly intelligent Nibblonian and capable of communication, but tries to avoid suspicion while he protects the Earth in general and Fry in particular from the Brainspawn.In "Law & Oracle", it is revealed that Scruffy died at some point and was brought back to life as a zombie, remarking that "Life and death are a seamless continuum." Scruffy was seen in the 2014 The Simpsons crossover episode "Simpsorama" with the rest of the Planet Express staff. Zapp is generally idiotic, egotistical and painfully short-sighted. Cubert Farnsworth (voiced by Kath Soucie) is Professor Farnsworth's clone, which the Professor produced in order to serve as his heir and continue his scientific legacy.Zapp Brannigan (voiced by Billy West) is a senior member of the military of the Democratic Order of Planets (D. He will often mispronounce words, such as champagne ("sham-PAGG-Enn") and guacamole ("GWACK-a-mole") in the episodes "Love's Labours Lost in Space" and "The Problem with Popplers" (respectively). He is known to make catastrophic mistakes (such as destroying D. He is introduced in the episode "A Clone of My Own", in which he rejects Farnsworth and becomes hostile to the entire Planet Express crew.Dwight Conrad (voiced by Bumper Robinson in the TV series, Phil La Marr in the films) is the son of Hermes Conrad and La Barbara Conrad.He is the close friend of Cubert Farnsworth, and takes after his father in the ways of accounting and bureaucracy.

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