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Flood and Creation Dating the oldest Bristlecone pines now living quite possibly have been growing since right after the flood. These varied conditions could allow a slightly more recent date which may even closely match Ussher's date of 2350 B. Even without adjustment, the living Bristlecones do fit well within the range of dates for the flood provided by numerous Biblical scholars.

However, some recent debate concerning the record of rings found in the dead wood has led to proposals of much older dates for the flood, and ultimately creation.

Mc Nabb points to the lack of corroborating tools, such as well-made stone tools like flakes or scrapers, which are typically found at butchery sites of the same age or older.

Luis Borrero, an archaeologist in Argentina who studies first peopling sites, wants to know about any information that “does not fit within their interpretation.” or its part, the team has invited other researchers to take a look at the artifacts.

The radiating spiral fractures, the cone-shaped bone flakes, and the notches in the bones could only have been made by humans, says Steven Holen, an expert in early human archaeology and bone technology at the Center for American Paleolithic Research, who worked on the study.

As part of the investigation, the team broke elephant and cow bones using stone or wood anvils and heavy stone hammers to compare the breakage patterns.

Bristlecones grow in other similar areas and were already the focus of much speculation when Schulman arrived on the scene in 1953.Radiometric dates showed the mastodon had been buried for about 130,000 years.If correct, this means that ancient humans were in coastal California many tens of thousands of years before they were thought to be in the Americas.The details of the finding, which took 25 years to unravel, were published in today, raising questions about when humans first migrated to North America.“It’s a huge claim,” says John Mc Nabb, a Paleolithic archaeologist at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, who was not part of the study.

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