Row cannot be located for updating mysql

I have mssql-server and mssql-tools installed on ubuntu.when i try to export data with the bcp command: bcp Using an interface the consumer doesn’t need to know anything about what happens behind the scenes, i.e. Data Access Layer With lazy loading related entities are loaded from the data source by EF issuing a separate query first when the get accessor of a navigation property is accessed programmatically.whether the DAL uses EF, another ORM or manually creating connections and commands to execute queries against a data source. For EF to enable features such as lazy loading and automatic change tracking for POCO entities, it can create a wrapper class around the POCO entity at runtime.As databases within enterprise environments are generally designed and maintained by database administrators (DBAs) rather than developers, this post will use the database first option where the EDM becomes a virtual reflection of a database or a subset of it.Typically when you are doing database first development using EF you are targeting an already existing database but for testing and demo purposes you may of course generate a new one from scratch.

I am trying to create a procedure, that will accept as input a variable called @tablename and will return as output the value of a variable called @myoutput. Besides the abstraction it brings it’s also great if you are using dependency injection in your application. There is a certain set of rules that your entity classes need to follow to get this proxy behavior.By using a generic repository for querying and persisting changes for your entity classes you can maximize code reuse. This means that the methods will be returning the actual already executed results from the queries rather than executable queries themselves. To get the instant change tracking behavior every property must be marked as virtual.This post is about how you can develop a generic data access layer (DAL) with full CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) support using Entity Framework 5 with plain old CLR objects (POCOs) and short-lived contexts in a disconnected and stateless N-tier application.Entity Framework (EF) is Microsoft’s recommended data access technology when building new . It is an object-relational mapping framework (ORM) that enables developers to work with relational data using domain-specific objects without having to write code to access data from a database.

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Below is a sample generic interface which provides methods to query for all entities, specific entities matching a given where predicate and a single entity as well as methods for inserting, updating and removing an arbitrary number of entities. Creating queries and return these back to the calling code would make the caller responsible for executing the LINQ-to-Entities queries and consequently use EF logic. For the lazy loading to work, those related properties that you want to be lazily loaded must be marked as virtual and those who point to a set of related child objects have to be of type ICollection.

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