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(Or so someone always claims, without fail.) But you’d be wrong about that. This is inerrant scientific fact, and any honest Scientologist will tell you as much.

When you are auditing New OT IV, you are not supposed to be praying or trancing or otherwise having a transcendent spiritual experience. Ron Hubbard described an actual state of reality — you have invisible ancient alien entities inside and hovering around you, and they have drug histories, and, at about ,000 for the level, it is your task to determine those drug histories and dry out the junkies you have for space cooties.

The game, played on April 28, was the first in Major League Baseball history that had no fans in attendance; ticket holders had been told not to come to the stadium while the city was still experiencing unrest during protests over the death of a man named Freddie Gray at the hands of Baltimore police.

The Orioles jumped out to a 4-0 lead and eventually won the game 9-2.

In a series of tweets, Scarry said that while he was at CPAC he introduced himself to Coale, who then pulled Scarry “close to his face” and berated him for criticizing Scientology in print.

We have a feeling that Coale in full intimidation mode is something to see.And we know that Coale, at least at one time, tried to do a similar thing for Scientology in the political arena. Coale and Scientology which outlets like the Post, for some reason, never get around to asking, and we just don’t understand why. The Maryland Stadium Authority confirmed for us that our message, asking about L.Ron Hubbard’s amazing drug technology, was delivered to Coale. It turned out that the day after we messaged him, Coale went in for open heart surgery.Alas, Coale told Cook that his proposal was a flop.Only a few people were apparently interested in donating any money, and so it never got off the ground.

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