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My daughter had an AJ account for over a year with only the "Bubble Chat" (you can only send/receive messages from a set list).We had no problems until we turned on the full chat.All parents should be warned before bringing this into their lives that their children will prefer this game over eating, sleeping, exercise, and outings, and you will find yourself saying "no Animal Jam" multiple times daily. I truly think its a good game (I even have my own account that I go on sometimes! My daughter has been playing animal jam for over a year and we were happy to find a game that seemed safe and where she could indulged her fascination and love of animals.Under the National Geographic brand, you will assume this is a "safe" game, with parental controls, but that is not the issue. My daughter's account was hacked into by another player who lied to my daughter (she thought he was a moderator) and all her things were "stolen." Animal Jam had the nerve to send an automated response to my email complaints. The past week, however, we noticed that she was being exposed to a great deal of foul language and sexual activity on this kid-friendly site.You be the mommy and I'll be your baby bunny sort of thing.Now the entire focus of the game has become acquiring rare items.The problem is with addiction, and that the educational aspects of this are virtually nil, considering it is optional for the children to click on the educational facts, otherwise the main thing they will learn is materialism, as they strive to acquire possessions for their avatar. I left two messages on their phone line (which is never staffed apparently) and never got a call back. How can that be when the site has chat filters and constant moderation?

You cannot believe how the obsessive collecting, scamming and inappropriate chat these kids are encountering on this site could impact a child's behavior!I think good has come out of this as it's opened a discussion that is important to have with your kids but I resent that it wasn't on my terms and that it's happening so soon.Animal Jam will be receiving an email from me today but I want others to be aware that this is going on.On occasions when she wasn't allowed to use her screen time she became intolerably angry.I finally did some reading and found other parents have experienced this and saw reports of animals behaving sexually in the "dens".

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