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Despite this, Mak, a Cambridge University law graduate, said: “I believe the law is the fairest method of adjudication.There is no perfect system for perpetrators, but there are more procedural safeguards in place compared to the internet, and the court system gives everyone the opportunity to be heard.” Mak used the opportunity to encourage other victims to do more to protect themselves in the event that they decide to take a sexual assault claim to the court, such as saving text messages.

She has no problem with the social stigma attached to being a PTGF. It’s not much different from seeing a social worker.

Celine also broadcasts live chats on Instagram, where she shares her thoughts on topics that interest her, such as the part-time partner phenomenon, why boys like looking for part-time girlfriends, and even her views on education.

She describes her live chats as being “like serious lectures”, and insists many men like her approach because they admire smart women.

After an unhappy experience last year brought out a masochistic streak in him, he searched the Internet for a dominatrix for some excitement.

The woman he met took him to a social event that made him realise how poor his social skills were.

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