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In one of his posts on Instagram, Siwon sent a congratulatory message to Pia, and even invited her to watch the group's next concert.Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach :) Heartfelt Congratulations on your Miss Universe 2015 Award, and please be my guest for next SUPERSHOW!

Dearly Dave Sompie - Dearly Dave Sompie and Agnes Monica had a relationship from to Follow WDW on Facebook.But what got Pia giddy was Samuel's wish: "'I hope to work with you in a Hollywood set one day,'" Pia quoted the actor. She told me, 'Hey Pia, congratulations.' And then when we were about to start, she accompanied me to the interview to say hi to the anchors I was talking to because they were in a different studio.She's so nice.) ", super (And then she told me, 'You're so beautiful.' I said, 'You're beautiful!And once again, siwon admits himself as a nerd Agnes monica siwon dating. If that was a coincidence too, I think there will be too many coincidences. Anonim 21 November Nez aty 21 November Tobias Nagmakecebadai 8 Desember Sera Phine 8 Desember Popular Posts All About Siwon Agnes SWAG - II Breaking News: All About Siwon Agnes SWAG - I It Was A Little Problem After Our Marriage - Part 8 [End] It Was A Little Siwkn After Our Marriage - Part 7. In his tweet, siwon said that he was with his beautiful princess niece.

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