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Nate will have to comment after reading this as to his thoughts, but my eyes darted to each woman as she entered, thinking "Are we the same age and will we have anything in common?

" My eyes then moved to the men in the room, while I thought "could I take a human life if I had to?

High stakes politics is not that different from high stakes love. There were only a few (in wheelchairs) where I immediately knew things wouldn't work.

For the rest, the pressure was on me to put the pressure to on them to have sex in under four minutes.

We were friendly, but both of us were just looking for the other to slip up and then blog about it.What follows is a tearfully accurate portrayal of that night and its aftermath.Speed dating, based on what my fourth date said, was actually invented by Confucius in the late 18th century." Both of those questions had the same answer: yes.The open area filled with ostensible singles and we all mingled to try to mitigate the nervousness of looking for love in such a contrived manner.

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