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The next time period in which the concept of franchising started to take hold was the Colonial period.This period is a personal favorite of mine, because it involved what were called “Franchise Kings”.There were hundreds of famines—especially in Europe, a continent that lost a third (or more) of its population to The Black Death plague.Violent uprisings were often staged by working class folks who didn’t feel they were getting paid fair wages.There are several different dictionary definitions of “franchise”, but the one we’ll focus on is this: The right or license granted to an individual or group to market a company’s goods or services in a particular territory; also a business granted such a right or license.A franchise is a unique kind of business with a very interesting history.

Medieval courts (or lords) gave these individuals the right to hold markets, and perform business-related activities.During that time, there was another item that most American households wanted.Like the Singer sewing machine, it was an item that was starting to be produced in large quantities.The local sovereign/lord would authorize individuals to hold markets, run local ferries, hold fairs, or to even hunt on his land.This concept extended to the Kings, who would grant a franchise for different types of business activities.

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