Tamworth speed dating

It’s a great way of bringing people together in a great setting.

The organisation of this conference is hugely impressive.

it allows talking to people that can make the decisions and obviously have the plan of what they want to get out of a vendor as well.

The business meetings have been really valuable, mainly because they have been with the kind of people that I have wanted to speak with.

I think the venue is great; it is just the kind of thing that you want. I think the fact that the presentations are done in bite-size chunks gives you a flavour of the sort of initiatives that people have been engaged with.

It has been fascinating, really, to see the diversity of things that are happening across the country and the services at the current time.

The first hour [of speed networking] in particular was full of energy and full of buzz; it was very exciting.It is not a venue I had come across before but it is excellent in terms of the facilities that are available.The way we have been looked after since I arrived here has been top rate.We find that the Local Gov Strategy Forum is a good place to engage en masse with a whole range of local government officers.You can really engage in a short space of time with a very relevant cross-section of local government leaders.

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