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to my many, many, loyal students particularly in India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia.Over the years you have proven to be among the best consumers or my VB tutorials and I appreciate it.

In this tutorial we will explore using the Membership framework (via the Sql Membership Provider) to create new user accounts. We will see how to create new users programmatically and through ASP. In addition to learning how to create new user accounts, we will also need to update the demo website we first created in the objects for authenticated users.

If you have used BASIC or Pascal or C before you got here, that's OK. There will be more on that subject in the next lesson. If you need a good book to follow along with the tutorials, the Profsr recommends the author: Evangelos Petroutsos.

If you did learn one of those languages, you were working in a procedural fashion: when you type RUN the program starts at the beginning and basically follows the instructions going down the list, skipping here and there according to control instructions until it finds some kind of END statement. However, you do have to write Visual basic 6 code to program the events - there are loops and conditions and arrays. His books, on all versions of VB, are among the best.

I'll tell you a secret - in all those cases, computer programming skills will really help!

You don't really have to be a geek to be in computers.

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