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IRSA has two tools available as part of the Montage distribution.' m Get Hdr' returns the WCS keywords in an ASCII file.After editing this file in any editor, it can be input to ' m Put Hdr', which will write the keywords back into the FITS file.The simplest way of assessing the astrometric accuracy in an image file is to compare the positions of point sources in the image with those of sources in a catalog of high astrometric accuracy.

Users uploading images to this service must do so one at a time as bandwidth and Apache limitations prevent uploading of large image data sets.IRSA's Table Validator Service tool converts ASCII files with common formats, such as comma-delimited, to IPAC table format.The tool removes common escape sequences that encode for tab stops etc., reformats misaligned records, and validates the consistency of the data in each column.When images have been generated in a pipeline, spot checks of individual files generally suffice to reveal the defects present throughout the data set.Alternatively, users may download tools that perform the same functionality and can be run on collections of files - see the descriptions below.

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