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Kristen intended for Marlena to eat the chocolate, because Marlena was also allergic to penicillin.Thanks to quick thinking on Roman Brady's part, Belle survived.Once her memory was recovered, Belle began dating her best friend since childhood, Shawn Brady.

Belle remained firm in her desire to tell Philip the truth until Philip lost his leg in a land mine explosion.

After a few false starts at love-making, Belle and Shawn finally vowed to wait until marriage.

When Belle tried to jump the gun, Shawn convinced her that if they waited, it would be that much sweeter.

Stressed out by the Salem Stalker killings, Belle left Salem for Milan to take care of some business for Basic Black and didn't return until after Cassie's murder.

Unfortunately, when she lied for her mother, she put a permanent wedge between herself and Shawn.

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