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“Jameson, held court most week-ends with about forty to fifty of his friends throughout his high school and college years. “Christmas Parties that featured so many wonderful performers over the years.

Martin Johnson, Dan and Shay, just to mention a few, are also treasured memories we take with us of this house,” the Ropers say.

May we all find God’s grace to be sufficient in our grief, and the source of healing over time." Grissom's daughter Devin was a former Miss Collierville who had competed in the dating reality show "Sweet Home Alabama" on CMT.

Stamm, who owned the former Double J's Smokehouse restaurant downtown, said the Grissoms were frequent visitors. "When I had my place downtown, they were there all the time.

"She would be so engaged in whatever conversation you had.

Just incredible." Grissom, 56, was married and has an adult daughter living in Nashville.

According to social media, she was a 1979 graduate of Briarcrest, a member of Downtown Church and a sales rep for optical products.

In the central island, a pair of bronze horses greet every visitor.

And at the entrance of Royal Manor, a pond is the home of a cast bronze fountain that features dancing thoroughbreds,” says JR.

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"I don’t think I ever saw them, unless one was out of town, where they were apart." Police are investigating Grissom's death as a homicide, but have not located a suspect or released any motive. Visitation and funeral services for Grissom have been set for Sunday and Monday.

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