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This part of the country also shows volcanic action, as in the Bohemian mineral springs.

The climate is moderate and, with the exception of the mountain districts, does not show great variations of temperature.

According to the last census (31 December, 1900), Bohemia has a population of 6,318,697.

It is one of the most thickly settled provinces of the monarchy, having 315 inhabitants to the square mile.

The Czechs form 63 percent of the population, and the Germans 36 per cent.

The Germans live chiefly near the boundaries of the country especially near the northern and northwestern boundaries. the land was occupied by a Suevic people, the Marcomanni, while the related tribe of the Quadi settled in Moravia and that part of Hungary adjoining Moravia.

Geologically the country forms the so-called Bohemian system of mountain ranges, the spurs of which run into Moravia and Silesia.

The country resembles the flat bottom of a trough with a depression towards the north. Bohemia is drained by the Elbe, which rises in the Isergebirge, a range of the Sudetic mountain system.It is enclosed on three sides by mountain ranges, namely: the Bohemian Forest (Böhmerwald), the Ore mountains (Erzgebirge), and the Sudetic mountains.The highest peaks of these ranges seldom rise above 4,593 feet.In the confusion which followed the break-up of the Empire of Great Moravia Spitihnev I succeeded in uniting the various tribes of Czechs under his rule.From his time there is an unbroken succession of dukes of the Premysl line.

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