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Trying to stay in tune with changing times, Windsor's newest strip club is hiding its presence in the shadows.The downtown has come a long way from the gaudy flashing neon and garish signage that once positively screamed at visitors to step into the fleshpot dens of the former Sin City.As urban back alleys go, it’s probably Windsor’s cleanest, safest and most well-lit.But it still means you must step out of the relative street hustle-bustle of a typical Friday night in the downtown to access the hidden front door of the city’s newest strip club.He has contracted a severe skin rash that blots out a faded black panther tattoo on his right forearm. Pallid pudgy cheeks, carpeted in white stubble, frame a stained yellowy moustache.His striped jumpsuit matches the cold grey of the bricks and bars that confine him. If I’m done my appeals, there’s nothing else for me after that.”But Sauve told The Star he did chat online with girls from Virginia.

A year ago, Mayor Eddie Francis was positively beaming when the owners of the Million Dollar Saloon strip club surrendered their adult entertainment licence.Quietly observing from across the street and taking note that day of the symbolic public burning of another licence to make money off nudity and explicit entertainment were Rob Katzman and his protege son, Sam, the family’s third-generation downtown Windsor businessman.Katzman Enterprises owns adult entertainment businesses on both sides of the border, including Windsor strip clubs Cheetah’s and Leopard’s Lounge.” Francis added.“It’s not hiding, it’s accommodating,” Rob Katzman said of his newest business venture.“No physical, visual or verbal contact and I get the death penalty?

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