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The northwestern (which includes Hebrew) and southern branches split around 2000 BC.The Canaanite languages in the north then diverged from Arabic in the central region.

According to the field of Linguistics, the Semitic languages derive from a single mother language, labelled as Proto-Semitic.

(For a more detailed statistical analysis of Polzin's conclusions, see "Dating Second Zechariah: A Linguistic Reexamination.") Subsequent researchers (Avi Hurvitz is a leader in this area) have come up with other markers by broadening the number of texts for comparison in each category.

Unfortunately, using more texts to form hypotheses leaves less texts to test the hypotheses generated and creates more danger of conclusions thus being entirely circular. Ian Young) attempted to provide an overview of current scholarship by presenting essays from people with a variety of views on Biblical Hebrew.

In the process, the work reignited debate in the field about how valid the existing paradigm really was.

The first half of the the work presents the views of those who support the "standard" chronological framework.

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